Welcome to our place


Irasshai mase (いらっしゃいませ) in Tokyo; and
Oide yasu (おいでやす) in Kyoto and Oosaka

When we meet guests at our place, we would like to show our best "O-Motenashi" (hospitality) to them by using various words and carriages. For example, in Japan, "Irasshai mase" is a popular welcome word meaning "welcome to our place" but, in Kyoto and Oosaka, "Oide yasu" is frequently used instead.

In the photo above, a lady dressed up with beautiful Japanese clothes "Kimono"(着物) or "Wafuku"(和服) sits on the floor and bows down deeply with her hands kept in line on the floor. This is one of the highest-degree official salutation styles according to the Japanese tradition, for welcoming guests. Since this is an old-fashioned greeting style, in modern Japan the opportunity of receiving this type of welcoming is very limited.

But if you are luckily invited by your friend or customer in Japan to a dinner at a highest-grade Japanese restaurant "Ryotei" (料亭) or you get an appointment of staying at a top-class Japanese style hotel "Ryokan" (旅館), you may be welcomed in this maximum hospitality style by the mistress of the Ryotei or Ryokan when you arrive there.




Welcome to JCCO Victoria

Japanese Canadian Community Organization of Victoria (JCCO Victoria) is a non-profit organization registered under the Society Act of British Columbia, Canada. JCCO Victoria is based in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia.

JCCO Victoria is taking an active part of the Nikkei community in Greater Victoria to support people of Japanese origin and their descendants as well as all who are interested in Japan or Japanese culture, by providing them with practical and yet high-quality information.

One distinguished feature of JCCO Victoria is the publication of free journal "Japonism Victoria" which is available to anyone in Canada and any other countries. With the publication of Japonism Victoria, we are making best efforts to provide people of Japanese origin and their descendants, i.e., Nikkei, with a variety of materials to help them think of how they should/could live in the mosaic country of Canada as a Nikkei, for example.

Another important project of JCCO Victoria is the operation of this website. Unfortunately, in Greater Victoria there is no Japanese community center which could be a focus for the community at which, and around which, people could come together. In place of building a community center having a physical presence, this website virtually provides the function of such a community center in cyberspace.

This website is designed to provide resources specifically for the Nikkei community in Greater Victoria. Unlike commercialized websites or personal enthusiastic websites, this website will not be updated so frequently. However, we believe we can upload correct and impartial information best suited to the Nikkei community.

If you have any question, please contact us. Thank you.

Japanese Canadian Community Organization of Victoria (JCCO Victoria) はカナダ・ブリティッシュコロンビア州の団体登録法Society Actにより登録された非営利組織です。ブリティッシュコロンビア州の州都,ビクトリア市に本拠を置き,主にGreater Victoria地域にお住まいの日本人やその子孫の方々,そして日本文化や日本社会に関心のある方々のために実際的で,かつ,上質の情報を提供する活動を行っています。

そのひとつが,どなたでも無料購読できるジャーナル「Japonism Victoria」の発行です。Japonism Victoriaはカナダというモザイク国家のなかで,日本人およびその子孫──日系Nikkei──がそれぞれ日系のひとりとしてどのように生きるべきかなど,単なる便利情報を超え,さまざまな事柄を考える材料を提供するように努めています。

JCCO Victoriaの活動のもうひとつの柱はこのウェブサイトの運営です。Greater Victoria地域には残念ながら日系コミュニティセンターがありません。コミュニティセンターは人々が自由に集える,いわばコミュニティのシンボル的存在でもあるのですが,このウェブサイトは物理的な空間としてのセンターを建設する代わりに,サイバースペース上にコミュニティセンター機能を構築するものです。


Kumamoto Earthquake 熊本地震

Japan Red Cross Society: Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Donation


Kumamoto Earthquake on April 14, 2016 in southern part of Japan and huge earthquakes uninterruptedly striking neighbouring areas have caused immense damages there. Japan Red Cross Society asks relief donation to the quake survivors. ...read more

日本赤十字 熊本地震災害義援金


皆さまご承知のように,平成28年4月14日に発生した熊本地震(最大震度7)以降、熊本県、大分県を中心に相次ぎ地震が発生し大きな被害が出ています。日本赤十字社では地震被災者を支援するための義援金を受け付けています。 ...続きを読む

East Japan Mega Earthquake

Japan Red Cross Society: East Japan Mega Earthquake Relief Donation


"Being Forgotten" is the worst for survivors

The disaster of the East Japan Mega-Earthquake in March 2011 hasn't been resolved yet. Around 180,000 people are still forced to live as evacuees. Moreover, this number doesn't include those who have given up to rebuild their lives in hometowns and moved to other towns, ...read more

日本赤十字 東日本大震災義援金





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